Please say “Good morning” at night !

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My best friend is a beautiful girl. She is tall with long straight black hair and she has a round face with two big nice eyes .Sometimes she wears glasses.

Her Chinese name is Zhu Biqian. But I usually call her English name –Cherry. We met each other for the first time on the Internet during the summer of 2005. At that time, she was in China to visit her grandparents. We both liked the song You Will Never Walk Alone and we found that we had the same hobby. As a result, we became the friends soon.

During that holiday, we talked a lot happily. I knew she was playing volleyball for her school team and she could speak three languages –English, Chinese and French .So we sometimes talked in English and we also used Chinese.

But after she went back to Canada, we couldn’t often meet each other. As a result, if we meet, we could have more things to say. She told me her life at school in Canada. It was very different form mine. She also sent me a photo of her. She looked quite pretty in the photo.

Sometimes one of us felt sad, the other would make her feel happy. We both believe that even now there is still hope left, “Tomorrow is another day.” She once told me, “Everyone’s future is bright.” I think it is true.

She is not only my friend, but also my master. She teaches me Photoshop –how to make the photo more beautiful. It’s a useful skill to learn.

But we still feel the time is too short. When I’m working, she is sleeping. When she gets up, it’s night in China.

But I think the distance is not a problem. Our friendship won’t come to an end. I will be glad to call her and say “Good morning” at night.

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